Your Event Venue in Cannes



Your Event Venue in Cannes
The Cuisine of Annex Beach Cannes

Your Event Venue in Cannes

Life at Cannes is all about celebrating. Is it for the beauty of the sea, the elegance of the cultural events and lifestyle, or for the impeccable service, the smooth flow and the delicious tastes and sips that you enjoy as you celebrate at Annex Beach Cannes? Find your reason to enjoy a private or corporate event in Cannes and send us your request at [email protected].
Your Event Venue in Cannes
Celebrate Success
Annex Beach Cannes over its years of operation has proudly hosted several corporate events for prestigious companies, brands and organizations. The tastes, the service and our event specialists are at your disposal to create a unique and tailor-made event in Cannes. Just seal the deal and feel the beauty of a successful corporate event in Cannes and Annex Beach.

From lunch to dinner, or a cocktail for the launch of your products and services, Annex Beach is the venue of choice for successful business gatherings in Cannes.
Your Event Venue in Cannes

Just find a reason to celebrate in Cannes. Your birthday, your anniversary, a bachelor party, or any other reason you may need to share your happy mood with the world, can be celebrated at Annex Beach Cannes in all the glory they deserve!
Your Event Venue in Cannes

Love celebrates by the sea with delightful tastes, sips and the romantic ambience of Annex Beach Cannes, an irresistible destination for the wedding reception or party of your dreams.
Your Event Venue in Cannes


La Croisette in Cannes


Just in front of the Carlton Hotel, in the heart of La Croisette find the Annex Beach playing with the shades of the palm trees and serving one of the finest expressions of the Mediterranean cuisine in Cannes. Conveniently located in the center of the world’s most famous promenade street find your gastronomic and entertainment destination wherever you are visiting Cannes for the prestigious and world-class events, or just want the ideal spot to spend your day by the beach in the most flavoursome way.